Guided tours and other videos

Poems in Wood
Anne Blond's interview with Birgitta Spur, May 22 at the Copenhagen exhibition Poems in Wood.
In Danish.
A story Unfolds
Exhibition in Sigur­jón Ólafs­son Muse­um 2019−2021 guid­ed by Bir­gitta Spur.
In Icelandic, Engl­ish sub­titles.
Hlíf Sigurjónsdóttir solo violin
Coming to Light
by Alex­and­er Lieber­mann, inspired by Sigurjón Ólafssonĺs sculpture A Girl. Written for Hlíf in 2018.
The composer imagines how the Girl appears from inside of the stone by the hands of the sculptor.
Female Idols
Bir­gitta Spur's brief­ing on Sigur­jón Ólafs­son's female por­trait sculp­tur­es(2016).
In Ice­landic.
Guided Tour in Words and Music
Retros­pective ex­hibit­ion of Sigur­jón Ólafs­son's sculp­tures in the Nati­onal Gal­lery of Ice­land 2014. Hlíf Sigurjónsdóttir.
In Icelandic, Engl­ish sub­titles.
From O. Knud­sen's docu­ment­ary on Ice­land­ic art­ists. Sigur­jón Ólafs­son 1961.
In Icelandic.
Sigur­jón Ólafs­son Mus­eum
Tour­ 2017.
In Engl­ish.