The Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum was found­ed in 1984 by the artist's widow Birgitta Spur who had his studio and their home con­vert­ed to a mus­eum build­ing, open­ed for publ­ic in 1988. In 2012 the muse­um, in­clud­ing a large col­lect­ion of Sigur­jón Ólafs­son's sculp­tur­es, was donat­ed to the Nat­ion­al Gal­lery of Ice­land and was run as a div­is­ion of it for al­most a dec­ade. Since Dec­emb­er 2021 the Museum has been run by Gríma ltd., a manage­ment com­pany dir­ect­ed by Sigur­jón Ólafs­son's fam­ily members.
    The mus­eum is dedi­cat­ed to ex­hibit­ing Sigur­jón Ólafs­sons's sculp­tur­es - alone or in dia­logue with other art­ists. It also hous­es a vast amount of bio­graph­ical mat­erial and is the re­search cent­er of Sigur­jón Ólafs­son's work. In ad­di­tion to hous­ing dif­fer­ent ex­hib­itions the mus­eum spons­ors vari­ous cult­ural pro­grams.
Born in Iceland, Sigurjón Ólafsson (1908-1982) studied and worked in Denmark 1928-1945. After his return to Iceland he lived and worked in Laugarnes, Reykjavík.

Sigurjˇn Ëlafsson Museum • Laugarnestangi 70 • IS 105 REYKJAV═K • Tel: 354-553-2906 •