Hall rental for Concerts
  • The large hall of the museum can be rented for con­certs, if it does not ob­struct other activit­ies in the museum.
  • The hall can seat 90 people under normal conditions (e.g. small chamber en­semble).
  • A good 2.25 m Bösendorfer grand piano is in the hall. For us­ing it, the rent­er must pay for its tuning, which is done by Sig­urð­ur Kristins­son. Cur­rently the fee is ISK 25.000.
  • One 3 hours rehearsal is included in the rent at a time the renter and the museum staff agree on.
  • The Museum Cafe is not open in con­nection with the concert and using the fac­ilit­ies for private cat­er­ing is not in­clud­ed in the rent.
  • The min­imum fee for concerts is 50,000 ISK.
  • Sculp­tures in the hall will only be moved if agreed on before­hand and done by the mus­eum staff. It might be charg­ed sep­aret­ely.
  • A Compser Union (ncb-STEF) fees must be paid for all con­certs, except for students, where pro­tect­ed music is per­formed. The hall must col­lect them and deliv­er to the org­ani­zat­ion. Ac­cording to STEF's tariff, the min­im­um charge now is ar­ound ISK 6.500.
March 2022